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Shasvasti Expeditionary Force (280633-0237)

Shasvasti Expeditionary Force (280633-0237)

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Box with 6 miniatures: Seed Soldier (Combi Rifle + Light GL), Malignos (Multi Sniper Rifle), Speculo Killer (Monofilament CCW), Seed Soldier (Combi Rifle), The Shrouded (Combi Rifle), Seed Soldier (Combi Rifle)

The Shasvastii army is divided into completely autonomous sections known as Expeditionary Forces. Each one of them is a small self-sufficient army, always ready to be sent to any part of the galaxy where Shasvastii have found an inhabited system or wherever the EI needs their specialized services.

The Shasvastii army works to a criteria of lightness and mobility, having no heavy support or armor that restricts their movement capabilities. Shasvastii tactical analysts disdain super-heavy combat units, believing large size and armor is useful only against primitive and impressionable species.

Shasvastii strategists are cunning, wicked, unscrupulous and basically pragmatic. The Shasvastii martial philosophy cannot be understood without understanding this. Their core doctrine, the one that prevails over all others, is the following: “The maximum terror in the minimum time, applied to a small number of select targets”.

The Shasvastii Expeditionary Force distinguishes itself with an abundance of light troops who exploit the Shasvastii skills for concealment, deception, and treachery. This is done to apply their core doctrine, achieving the maximum amount of fear and paranoia in the hearts and minds of their enemies.

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